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Hidden in the Wetlands, 2023

In 2023, I was on a mission to capture the breathtaking beauty of the British countryside and highlight the diverse wildlife that lives in it. I have always felt inspired by nature and the endless possibilities it has for designs. During my exploration around Shropshire and Mid Wales, I uncovered the unfortunate truth that the farming industry, along with human interference, is having a negative impact on local wildlife, particularly the endangered Curlew. These large wader birds nest in areas with long grass and rough vegetation during spring, but silaging has destroyed many nests and eggs, making it challenging for them to reproduce successfully. 

With my camera and sketchbook in hand, I have managed to capture moments in time, portraying the movement and behaviour of these wader birds. I was able to capture some really magical moments and have shown these through my collection of work with the aim to inspire action by highlighting the thriving animals in an untouched habitat. Being an animal lover myself, I hope I have created a collection that reminds people of the vital importance of preserving and looking after our natural world.

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